"Clean-Cut" Criminals Rob and Shoot Victim

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A man shot by robbers warns neighbors; his attackers' looks are very deceiving.

"They were very well dressed for what they were about to do," said Ivan Walker, who was robbed and shot in the hand by the perpetrators.

The attack happened late at night outside his home on Second Avenue in DeKalb County. Walker had pulled up to his home and saw two men walking nearby, but believed they were dressed to head out on the town.

"Thinking, they look like they could be getting ready to possibly go out or go to a bar or something," he said.

But as Ivan got out of his car, the two men started to charge him; Walker confronted them, and one of the men fired and shot him in the hand. Walker said he still tried to tackle them.

The robbers took off with his cell phone and wallet.

He warns neighbors of the clean-cut criminals still on the loose.

"That's what I want people to know the most. Their presence was very disarming," he said.

No word from DeKalb Police on updates on the investigation.