Clayton County school bus drivers fighting for wages

Clayton County school bus drivers are in an uproar over pay.

Drivers tell FOX 5 the school district hasn't paid them for hours worked, and that this lack of payment has been going on for weeks.

The bus drivers and supervisors met Wednesday morning at a Riverdale bus depot for over an hour in an attempt to address the concerns.

Drivers told FOX 5's Deidre Dukes that the meeting got heated and emotional at times as they claimed they were shorted on pay.

Some people are being paid half of what they've earned for several weeks and are facing evictions and threats of cars being repossessed, drivers said.

Supervisors told the drivers that they are working to sort it all out, but some drivers say that time is running out.

"I love my kids and I love my job but I can't continue to do this if I can't pay my bills," a driver told FOX 5's Deidre Dukes.

FOX 5 reached out to the Clayton County School District and was told that they are preparing a statement Wednesday afternoon.

A similar meeting is planned between officials and drivers at the Jonesboro bus depot Thursday morning.