Clayton County Police search for stranger who sexually assaulted woman in her apartment

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Clayton County Police said a woman was sexually assaulted by a stranger inside her apartment at the Park at Tara Apartments on Tara Road in Jonesboro.

Police said the woman was able to push him away and screamed for help. Investigators said her roommate came running and the two of them were able to fight back against the attacker and he eventually ran out a back door. 

"It does not make me feel safe at all," said one woman who lives in the complex but did not want her name used. 

Antwan Greene lives nearby. He's proud of the woman and her roommate for fighting back. 

"I feel sorry they had to go through that," said Greene. 

Police thoroughly canvassed the area but were unable to locate the suspect. A follow-up investigation was ordered and executed the following morning at which time officers searched for additional witnesses and evidence.

A security guard was in front of the complex Monday evening. But many around here are still on edge. Earlier this year, Clayton County police announced they were trying to track down a serial rapist. They said he was a predator with at least seven victims dating back to 2015. Two of those rapes occurred not far from Sunday's attack. 

"If this is the same guy who was at it a while ago, he's just begging to get caught," said Lorraine Jones who lives just down the street. 

The serial rapist was never arrested. Police said they do not have a direct link between the rape cases and this recent attack, but investigators are still looking at all the evidence. 

Jones said this should serve as a warning for everyone. 

"Especially us ladies who live alone, be aware of your surroundings, be vigilant, watch your neighborhood, watch out of strangers," said Jones. 

Police said the woman and her roommate both had visible injuries, but they are considered non-life threatening.