Clayton County Police officer hospitalized following a multiple vehicle crash

A crash involving multiple cars ended with a Clayton County Police officer injured and recovering in the hospital Sunday morning.

The accident happened Saturday evening near a WalMart located near the intersection of GA-85 and Lamar Hutcheson Parkway.

Clayton County Police said the officer was responding to a priority one emergency call. As he was going through the intersection, his patrol car was struck by a minivan, causing him to spin into oncoming traffic and hit a second vehicle head-on.

The officer and other drivers were transported to local hospitals with injuries authorities believe are non-life threatening. Clayton County Fire told FOX 5 everyone hospitalized is in stable condition.

The crash happened in front of Thomas Holloway's workplace around 5:30 p.m. He said people swarmed the scene after a loud boom.

"I hope the police officer is alright because that would be devastating to have a police officer hurt [and] 
injured, and he can’t patrol anything," said Holloway. "I was kind of upset a little bit."


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