Clayton County police arrest suspected serial rapist

A suspected serial rapist is off the streets.

At the Arrowhead Shopping Center on Tara Boulevard near Jonesboro, a security guard told FOX 5 News he was brought in for additional protection after a woman was raped in this woodsy area behind the shopping center late last year.

“It makes me very angry because no one should have to go through that you should be able to walk around in the world and able to you know, be free,” said Carol Holloway, who often shops at the shopping center.

The Clayton County Sheriff’s Office said the victim was forced to undress on the ground, raped then robbed of $300 before the suspect fled.

That suspect according to Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill is Jamario Pollard.

Sheriff Hill tells FOX 5 News after obtaining an arrest warrant for Pollard, his fugitive squad decided Pollard, would "not live to see another day of freedom past the Memorial Day weekend."

The sheriff said Pollard ‘found he would not be attending any cook outs when he found himself surrounded by the fugitive squad" who arrested him this morning.

Holloway said the rape behind the shopping center has her paying extra attention.

“You have to keep a good eye out, you know. You have to be aware of your surroundings also as women because, you know, when they see you by yourself you’re a target,” she said.

She and others who spoke to FOX 5 News said they are breathing easier now that Pollard, described as a serial rapist by the Sheriff’s Office, is behind bars.

Hill says detectives have linked Pollard to two other rapes in Fulton County.

“It’s very important to find justice so everybody can feel that it’s there so we’ll know what’s going on in our community,” said Shadre Blake, who often shops at Arrowhead Shopping Center.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Pollard is facing felony charges of rape, robbery, and kidnapping.

He is scheduled to make a first court appearance in Clayton County Tuesday morning.