Family remembers 16-year-old with autism killed in Lovejoy Park

Family and friends of the 16-year-old who was found dead in Lovejoy Park came together Saturday night to remember his life. They released balloons, lit candles and said prayers at the same park where the teenager's body was discovered.

The teen's mother says there were strange men outside their home on Thursday and when she told them to leave, her son went with them. She also says her son had autism and probably didn't understand what the men wanted with him. 


Clayton County Police say they have arrested one suspect in the shooting death of a teen found dead in Lovejoy Park Thursday.

The teenager’s mother says she does not know how to feel after getting the news from police late Thursday night. 

"Detectives came knocking at my door tonight at twelve, asking me to see a picture of my son and they showed me a picture of my son laying on the table. Saying my son’s been dead since three 3 p.m. today," said the teen’s mother.

Clayton County Police Investigators asked FOX 5 not to identify the teen until they are able to follow some leads in the case. 

Officers said with the help of the City of Lovejoy Police Department they were able to arrest one suspect, whom they said they are not identifying at this time, and charged him with murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm while committing a crime. 

Police confirm they found the teen’s body in Lovejoy Park Thursday with gunshot wounds. 


Friends and family surrounded the boy’s mother as she tried to process the loss of her son. 

She told FOX 5 that on Thursday, some strange men were in her house with her son.

"I called him into my room and I said, ‘What are you doing? Why are they here? You need to get them off my porch.’ He walked out my door, and that was the last time I saw my son," she said.

This mom says her son lived with autism and probably did not understand what these men wanted with him. 

She believes they lured him out of the house. It’s unclear what they were doing at the house in the first place. 

To her knowledge, she says her song was never involved in gun violence.

"They said he didn’t carry guns and I'm scared of guns. He knew how I felt about guns," she said. 

Now she is asking anyone with information to come forward so the people responsible can be brought to justice. 

"Anybody with any information please come forward, please. This was my son. He has a baby on the way. He was 16 and he had autism. He didn't know. He didn't do anything," she said. 

Tips can be made to the Clayton County Police Department at 770-477-3747.