Clayton County church collects cold weather gear for homeless community

A local church in Conley took part in a unique campaign to provide much-needed assistance to the homeless community Sunday afternoon.

The Wings of Faith Church participated in the ‘Cover Me Campaign’, collected socks, coats and blankets for the homeless community.

Church leaders told FOX 5 that the campaign is a part of their new outreach program.

A bishop of the church said it was a collaborative effort with other places of worship across metro Atlanta.

"We have gathered right at 1000 coats, blankets--I don't know how many pairs of socks," said Bishop Dreyfus Smith, "We are distributing them to a couple of shelters throughout the city of Atlanta because there has been such a great arctic wind here lately, and we want to make sure our homeless and those in the shelters are taken care of."

The drive kicked off at 2 p.m. right after Sunday service.