Police investigating apparent shooting at Clayton County apartments

Clayton County Police are investigating an apparent shooting overnight at a local apartment complex.

Numerous officers responded to the Archway Apartments off of Riverdale Road just before midnight. They roped off a large section separating a couple of the buildings and seemed to concentrate some of the efforts on one of the units.

Witnesses reported hearing many shots fired. One told FOX 5 that they heard five to six gunshots, another said they heard as many as 10. Those witnesses also say a man could be heard screaming. They saw paramedics rush the suspected victim to the hospital.

Lots of loved ones arrived at the scene, obviously upset over what happened.  One man was so overcome with emotion that he needed to be treated by paramedics.

A witness said one of the rounds went through a wall and ended up in a nearby unit. Thankfully, no one in that apartment was hurt.

Police on the scene have not shared any details about what happened or the condition of the possible victim.

If you have any information on the shooting, call the Clayton County Police Department.