Clayton County Animal Control must find homes for more than 130 animals

Clayton county animal control has planned much needed repairs and renovations, but first more than 130 pets need to find homes.

Officials have asked for the public's help to care for the animals. They are about to start a major renovation and maintenance program at the Clayton County animal shelter. They say they are going to be using chemicals that could be harmful to people and animals, so they need to clear everybody out by February 5th. That includes the more than 100 animals that are currently at the shelter. Now, to do that they are waving all adoption fees and they are

The shelter doesn’t want to euthanize any of the animals because of a lack of space, so they are waiving the fees, and working with these rescue groups to clear out the shelter. They say anyone who wants to adopt an animal simply has to come to the shelter and fill out the forms.

“We need help finding new homes for over a hundred animal guests that we have in our care. We are looking to get assistance”

In addition, they say if your animal was picked up by animal control for whatever reason, and it's here at the shelter and you haven't been able to get it out because there are fees and fines and that sort of thing, don't worry about it anymore. Come and get your pet. All fines and fees have been waived as well.
You can contact the Clayton County animal control at (770) 477-3509. 

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