Clayton Co. Deputy Helps Deliver Baby in Parking Lot

A Clayton County sheriff deputy’s daily patrol changed unexpectedly when he was waved down by a frantic man at the Justice Center.

Sergeant Christopher Storey was patrolling on Tara Boulevard near the Justice Center when he got out of his vehicle to see what was wrong. The man told him that his wife was going into labor, according to the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office.

Sgt. Storey was able to guide the man and his pregnant wife to the front parking lot of the Justice Center while calling for an ambulance, according to the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office. But the ambulance wouldn’t make it in time for the delivery.

When Sgt. Storey went back to the vehicle to check, the baby was ready to come into the world and she was born in the parking lot of the Clayton County Justice Center, according to the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office.

The Clayton County Sheriff’s Office said Arbree Lemons was born weighing six pounds and 15 ounces.

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill asked, “Has a Crime Fighter been born?” Sheriff Hill went to the hospital and deputized Arbree with a junior deputy badge and gave the parents challenge coins to celebrate her birth. He also commended Sgt. Story for another job well done!