Clarkston proposed smoking ban may including vaping

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Some people in Clarkston are fired up over a potential smoking ban. It is not smoking cigarettes they are upset about, but vaping.

Clarkston Mayor Ted Terry said he wants a ban on smoking.

“If you're smoking cigars, pipes, cigarettes, you'd have to be 30 feet from the front door or 30 feet from an outdoor seating area,” said Terry.

When a group of vapors heard the ban may include vaping. They showed up at the city council meeting Tuesday night.

“We're asking the people of Clarkston to stand up and say there's no reason for a ban,” said Jeremy Dollar, who supports vaping.

The mayor said they would not have to go the full 30 feet from the buildings, but would have to step outside. But others said it should be up to the business owners.

“If an owner doesn't want vaping on their property, put up a sign and no one will vape on their property,” said Joe Smith, who supports vaping.

Terry said he's been looking at some research at hopes to come up with a win-win option.

“Something that takes a public health approach but also something that would safeguard individual rights.” said Terry.