Clam-flavored candy canes will change how you feel about Christmas forever

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A company, whose employees seem to pride themselves on creating items no one knew they wanted, has spent the last year coming up with new candy cane flavors, just in time for the holidays.

Products from Archie McPhee, the company with the tagline "We make weird," may have caught your attention before. It's the company that originated pickle, gravy, and bacon-flavored candy canes, as well as several other bacon-flavored or scented products.

A company representative told FOX 13 News the process by which employees come up with new flavors is top-secret. 

Generally, however, they said a six-person creative team spends almost a whole year debating and planning before a new product is released.

We can assume every flavor, scent, and image are heavily researched and scrutinized during this process. 

This year, the team has outdone itself. 

Two new flavors of Archie McPhee candy canes are ready for your stockings: Clam-flavored candy canes and mac and cheese flavored candy canes.

On its website, Archie McPhee describes its "clamdy canes" as "a candy clamity!" and suggests adding sand for "extra clam realness."

Mac and cheese candy canes are said to be "comfort food that tastes like comfort food." It's unclear whether either of the new flavors has a sweet candy base. (Let us know after you try them.) 

Whether you're looking to have a cheesy or clammy Christmas, Archie McPhee has you covered.