City of South Fulton to be renamed 'Renaissance'

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Packed house for council meeting as some resident voice displeasure over new name of Renaissance

What's in a name? Apparently in the City of South Fulton a lot.

Tuesday night, the Council for the new city voted to change its name to "Renaissance." The name was chosen out of 20 finalists, but not everyone is happy with the decision. Some residents don't like the name itself. Others are upset with the process, saying they didn't get enough input. 

Before the 4-3 vote took place, council members got an earful from the packed house that showed up for the meeting.

Mayor William "Bill" Edwards will now have to decide if he'll veto the name change. He has 10 days to decide what to do. 

Edwards said there are pros and cons to the veto, and that he doesn't know which way he'll go.  The Mayor admits city leaders didn't do a good enough job of letting residents know what was happening but said not going forward with the name change will cause the city to lose money, and delay the establishment of police and fire services.

If the Mayor does veto the name change, the council could stay with South Fulton, pick another name or try to override his veto. That would take a 5-2 vote, meaning a dissenting member would need to change his or her vote.

Even residents calling for a veto told FOX 5 they'll be proud of the new city whether it's called South Fulton or Renaissance.