City of South Fulton Police triple the size of the Gang Unit to cut down on crime

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The City of South Fulton Police Department is beefing up its gang unit to crack down on crime, from entering autos to violent crimes. The new unit has only been in place a month and has already made two significant busts which resulted in 10 arrests. 

At a location on Godby Road, members of the gang unit found drugs, cash and a number of guns, some of them stolen.  They arrested 8 people and seized two vehicles. 

"This is one of our targeted areas for gang activity," said City of South Fulton Police Chief Keith Meadows.

On Magnolia Court, the Narcotics Unit made a significant bust which included $36,000 worth of marijuana, pills, cash, and guns. Two men were arrested.  Detectives are now investigating their involvement in gang activity in the area. 

Speaking at a community meeting Thursday night, Chief Meadows said tripling the size of his Gang Unit is helping to crack down on crimes across the board.

"We found out that a large number of gang members were involved in slider crimes and larceny from vehicles so it became extremely important to find out who they were," said Chief Meadows.

Chief Meadows says they're also working with other police agencies in the region because gang members don't care about city boundaries.

"After meeting with a number of agencies, we've identified more than 200 gangs not just in the City of South Fulton but throughout the region, so we have to work together," said Chief Meadows.