City of South Fulton considers decriminalizing marijuana

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South Fulton City Councilman Mark Baker introduced the ordinance that, if passed, would reduce the penalty for possession of small amounts of pot.

South Fulton City Councilman Mark Baker said, “We will decriminalize marijuana, not legalize marijuana and it will not be an arrestable offense in the city.”

The ordinance, similar to legislation recently passed in the city of Atlanta, seeks to decriminalize marijuana possession.

Proponents argue it reduces the number of people jailed on minor offenses while freeing up officers to focus on more serious crimes.

Under the proposal, those caught with less than an ounce of marijuana would face a fine of up to $150 and no jail time.

“We’re not endorsing it by any means. This is just an ordinance to actually limit the amount of people who are incarcerated, and free our department up for more important serious crimes,” said Baker.