City of Marietta Tackling Crime around Long Term Motels and Hotels

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The Holmes family regularly gasses up near a long term motel in Marietta.

"You see a lot of young ladies walking around, half way dressed and yes that kind of activity," said Masha Holmes.

Prostitution, burglaries, car break-ins, rapes, robberies, murder, Marietta Police said the transient high density population of long term motels and hotels keep them busy.

"They typically have a greater consumer of public safety services than people who live in a static neighborhood. Is that a nice way of saying police go there a lot? Yes," said Chief Dan Flynn.

The Chief addressed the council's legislative judicial committee about crime concerns around long term motels and hotels. City Council member Michelle Cooper-Kelly said crime in Marietta has dropped more than 14 percent since last year. She wants to extend that effort to motels and hotels.

"I think by and large commercial businesses do a very good job, but what can we do in partnering with those businesses to make those facilities safer for their customers." said Councilmember Cooper-Kelly.

Police said some tactics include signs encouraging motorists to remove valuables from vehicles, increased patrols, better lighting, community participation and drug free zones.

"If you are convicted of committing a drug crime inside of that zone you will be facing a greater penalty that you would if you committed the same crime outside the zone," said Chief Flynn.

It sounds good to the Holmes family, who are trying to raise Naomi in as safe an environment as possible.

"I have a four year old and so I'm all for them trying to restore and rebuild everything over here," said Masha Holmes.

The committee asked the police chief to return to the next committee meeting next month with a more complete list of recommendations to address safety concerns around long term motels and hotels.