City of Mableton voters urge mayor, city council candidates to weigh de-annexation

They have a post office, but they don’t have a city hall or a functioning government – yet, that is. On Tuesday, the people who want to run Mableton debated how to run it and whether some of their neighbors should be allowed to break away.

Mableton is Georgia’s newest city. Candidates running for mayor and city council debated the issues in a virtual forum.  

Just a few months ago, the people of this newer community voted to turn Mableton into its own city. Krishaunda Jackson has lived in the area for more than 20 years. She voted in favor of cityhood.

City of Mableton (FOX 5 Atlanta)

"I think it’s a good idea," Jackson said. "We’ve grown a lot since I’ve been out here." 

But, almost as soon as the public approved cityhood, a push began to break away from the newly-formed municipality. Neighbors, like Mary Payne, wonder what the new city will mean for her taxes.

"I’m not for it," Payne said. "I don’t want it to be a city. I want it to stay unincorporated."

Candidates for mayor and city council called into the forum. Where they stood on de-annexation was one of the top issues. The consensus was to let voters decide. 

"I would be happy to vote for them to de-annex," said candidate Robert Graham.

"It is complicated and worth the conversation," said candidate Jennifer Anthony.

"It needs to be very big discussion point. And I’m looking forward to having that," said candidate Heidi Dasinger.

"If the district’s appetite is for de-annexation, then we need to represent that," Candidate Brian Patrick.

City of Mableton voters sit in a meeting to discuss de-annexation concerns. (FOX 5 Atlanta)

Voters also want to know what the candidates would do if elected.

"What type of services [are they] thinking they’re going to have? How are they going to improve Mableton?" Payne asked.

"How are they going to make the city better once they get into office?" Jackson asked.

A special election for mayor and city council is set for March 21.