City could ban "Pokemon Go" at cemeteries

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The city of Newnan wants to put a stop to "Pokemon Go"players at local cemeteries. 

City officials told FOX 5, dozens of monster hunters visiting the Oak Hill cemetery trampled over graves, and even damaged a neighbor's fence over the weekend. A city document for a new ordinance also describes concerns that players even knocked over headstones. 

The city council introduced an ordinance to ban cell phone gaming at city cemeteries, with a fine up to $1,000 and prison time up to six months. The ordinance language specified that cemeteries are not a place for "recreational type activity... such as internet or cell-phone based gaming or geocaching." 

City officials told FOX 5 the players were a disturbance to people visiting the remains of their loved ones. 

"We've never trampled a grave, we've never went in anybody's yard," said monster hunter , who was in the cemetery for a funeral. She said cemeteries are common places for players to gather.  

"A lot of my family members are buried in this cemetery. I shudder to think it's being used as a playground," said neighbor Wynn Mottola.

Other neighbors said players have jumped fences to get into their communities.

The second reading of the ordinance is scheduled for August 9 at the next city council meeting.