Citizen Tells Union She Will Fund Campaign with Her Own Money

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When citizens want to show support for police officers, they may by a ticket to a fundraiser. 

One homeowner in Buckhead is trying something different. Stephanie McGarity is putting up thousands to get behind a public relations campaign started by the unions on behalf of firefighters and police officers. 

The resident decided to purchase signs intended to lobby with a hard edge for higher pay for the officers. 

That message, which earlier you may have seen on billboards, is sharply critical of Kasim Reed, claiming he does not support public safety. The unions want city hall to increase salaries. 

McGarity says all citizens have a stake in the union effort because the best employees are leaving to go to other departments that pay more. 

The homeowner says if she or her neighbors need emergency help, she wants to make sure someone will be on the job to respond. 

Any citizen can purchase a yard sign at cost, $10. Here is the email to get a sign:

For his part, Reed says, the story about officers pay has been one-sided. He says he has done more for public safety, including wages, than prior administrations.