Church Explains Why It Banned 103-Year-Old Member

Union Grove Baptist Church in Elberton is responding for the first time after word got out it had banned 103-year-old Genora Biggs from its church. Biggs had been a member of the congregation for more than 9 decades.

The Union Grove Baptist Church statement reads in part:

"Mrs. Biggs has chosen to make decisions about the church  that she does not have the authority to take. In recent months, Mrs. Biggs decided to invite another minister into the church to take the place of the church pastor, Rev. Timothy Mattox...It was determined by the congregation during a church conference meeting, which Mrs. Biggs was present at the time of the meeting, that the behavior of Mrs. Biggs and others was detrimental to the church at large and could no longer be allowed. Therefore, it was decided by the congregation that their membership would be revoked. The vote was unanimous. It was also requested  that they not attend the church because they have disrupted services and business meetings of the church on many occasions...We have permitted Mrs. Biggs to attend church every Sunday she has chosen to since her membership was revoked. However, she will not be allowed to attend any meetings concerning the business of the church, because she is no longer a member."

After agreeing to talk to FOX 5, Mrs. Biggs and her family have chosen not to respond to the church's statement. Previously, Mrs.Biggs told FOX 5 News she and the Rev. Mattox had disagreements over his preaching style. She characterized it  as "Holiness style” not in the tradition of the Baptist church.

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