CHP frustrated with several incidents involving bikers performing illegal stunts on SoCal freeways

After another weekend of several incidents involving motorcycle groups performing illegal stunts SoCal freeways, California Highway Patrol and motorists are growing frustrated.

CHP tells FOX1 1 around 50 members of the biker group known as the "Ruthless Ryders" showed down traffic on I-15 southbound Sunday to perform stunts, also known as "side shows".

One rider tried to stand up on his motorcycle, but fell off and hit his head on the pavement. He would later die at the hospital. CHP tells FOX 11 the Ruthless Ryders have frequently been an uncooperative group.

"It upsets me, I've always been a law and order guy, so watching them just flaunt the law and think they can do whatever they want, it's pretty disturbing, it's disturbing for motorists, I hear all the time that these motorists are just tired of it," said Sgt. Nathan Deal of CHP. "First off its completely illegal, its completely dangerous, and it's really inconsiderate for the other motorists."

A motorist also provided video to FOX 11 showing a large group of motorcyclists driving aggressively and performing stunts on the 60 eastbound in Diamond Bar on Sunday morning.

Riders could be seen popping wheelies, speeding, filming videos, and one woman fell of a bike and tumbled down the freeway after she was dismounted during a wheelie.

Raul Zavaleta filmed the incident while his wife was driving.

"So we're filming it, and this one guy is doing a wheelie, and he has his girlfriend on the back of the motorcycle, and once he comes back down of the wheelie, she fell off and starts tumbling down the 60, and I was like wow that's kind of crazy," he said.

"She was alright, she popped right back up, but you juggle knives you might get stabbed right?"

Zavaleta also said the bikers were blocking onramps to the 60, and weren't allowing traffic through.

"It puts us in danger too as drivers, as motorists, we might hit one of them cause they're acting so weird and so erratic and we might crash, so it pisses us off a little bit," he said.

"They're blocking traffic, when the emergency medical people have to get places, when they block the traffic like that it makes it extremely difficult for us to get to where we need to go for emergencies," Sgt. Baer said. "We've noticed an uptick in these summer months when all of these large biker groups are riding together."

Sgt. Baer advises all drivers who come in contact with large motorcycle groups should drive defensively and continue to obey the laws.

"We're working hard, my guys are out there working selflessly to try to control it and keep everybody safe," Sgt. Baer said.

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