Chief Turner's frank admission on Atlanta's police force

Chief George Turner gave the Atlanta City Council a report on his progress. He admits in one important area, he’s not making the grade.

The goal set by him to bring on 300 new officers is falling short. The most recent data shows he’s barely at a third of the number. Over the last 12 months, the city has been able to hire only 105 new officers.

Turner is not making up any ground given force attrition during the same period.

The lack of progress is not for lack of trying, Turner said. He explained the city has had nearly two dozen job fairs.

The chief said he is having the same problem other chiefs are having: citizens are reacting to controversial incidents caught on camera and shown all over. The encounters, as well as police recently coming under attack, can make young qualified candidates decide they better not go into the profession.

The next thing Turner will try is a new marketing campaign crafted by a marketer which he hopes can refashion a tarnished image.