Chick-fil-A releases its 1st-ever digital cookbook

Chick-fil-A is sharing a few secrets about how they make their food so tasty, and it's doing so for a great cause.

The Atlanta-based fast food company has released its first-ever cookbook in connection with its Shared Table program. 

The digital cookbook, titled "Extra Helpings: Inspiring Stories and Imaginative Recipes from Chick-fil-A's Shared Table" and contains 26 recipes designed to give home cooks inspiration on how to use repurposed ingredients or leftovers.

One example from the cookbook is the Waffle Potato Fry Frittata recipe from Atlanta nonprofit Second Helpings.

Waffle Potato Fry Frittata recipe from Second Helpings (Chick-fil-A)

The cookbook also included a few classic Chick-fil-A recipes - like the former menu item Chicken Salad - and heartwarming stories from partners in its Shared Table program. 

Chick-fil-A launched the program in 2012 as a way to donate excess food from its thousands of restaurants to local nonprofit partners in an effort to reduce waste and feed those in need.

Since its start, more than 23 million meals have been created by Shared Table donations - around 831,000 in the metro Atlanta area alone.

A Chick-fil-A restaurant is seen on July 05, 2022 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

"Our goal for 'Extra Helpings' is not only to inspire individuals to reimagine their extra food into new, delicious recipes but also spark conversations about the important issues of food insecurity and food waste," said Brent Fielder, senior director of corporate social responsibility for the fast food chain.

"Extra Helpings" is free to and can be found here: