Boy gets help from his friends to ride bike for the first time: 'Stop saying you can't!'

A Cherokee County boy, who is on the spectrum, learned how to ride a bike thanks to two boys in his neighborhood. It was something no adult was previously able to do.

"Stop saying you can't," Ty Saragba and Kamdyn Howell told 13-year-old Brody Roberts.

"Faster, pedal, pedal faster," the boys told Roberts in a home video shared with FOX 5 Atlanta.

Roberts said he was thrilled to achieve a major childhood milestone.

"It feels good," said Roberts.

His mother, Meghan Roper, said this moment is even more heartfelt because Brody is on the spectrum and lives with a neurological disorder. She did not know if he would ever be able to ride a bicycle.

"There have been several therapists who haven’t been able to do it," said Roper.

It was all possible thanks to a little help from his neighborhood friends who said they did not want Brody to ever feel excluded.

"We’re always riding our bikes and I feel like he’s always left out," said Ty Saragba.

"I knew he could do it," said Kamdyn Howell. "It was exciting, but it was a surreal moment for me because I’m like, here are these two boys that are younger, and they have this expectation that my child can do something when maybe in the back of my head, I was purchasing the adaptive bike," said Roper.

"They mean a lot to me," said Roberts when he discussed their support. "Because they are nice to me."

A simple bike ride for three kids that carried a bigger life lesson: you can do anything.

"We felt really excited and so that was just a really special moment for us," said Saragba.