Charles Rambo announces plan to run for Fulton County sheriff again

Charles Rambo

Charles Rambo, who retired from the Fulton County Sheriff's Office, has announced his plan to run for Fulton County sheriff.

Rambo says he "aims to revolutionize the 2024 race with unparalleled insights and solutions." 

Rambo also says his Constitutional Sheriff Initiative (CSI) promises a seismic shift within the first 365 days of his administration. Unlike conventional approaches, CSI relies on the rule of law, the ultimate authority that defines the Sheriff's delegation as a constitutional officer. 

The four pillars of Rambo's CSI plan are launching an Office of Sheriff Budget and Management; improving intelligence and tactical response; ending federal oversight of the county jail; and improving organizational competence and integrity.

In January, Rambo Georgia Jail Contraband and Violence Prevention Act to address disorder in facilities like the Fulton Jail with preemptive law.

Rambo is currently the chief development officer for Rambo Solutions, providing training in a variety of law enforcement-related topics. 

He also provides expert opinion on cases to local media outlets, including FOX 5 Atlanta. 

Rambo has previously ran for sheriff in 2004, 2008, 2016 and 2020.

Patrick "Pat" Labat is the current sheriff of Fulton County. 

Labat has been heavily criticized because of the conditions at Fulton County Jail. 

The primary election will take place May 21, 2024.