Charges dropped against former Clayton County chaplain

A former chaplain for Clayton County will no longer face a criminal charge.

A judge announced today that the charge against fired Clayton County Chaplain Rodney Williams has been dropped.

Williams worked for the Clayton County Jail for seven years before he was fired and later arrested by Sheriff Victor Hill.

Williams says he was charged with computer trespassing for deleting an email he wrote back in February that he thinks angered the sheriff.

The former chaplain says Hill then abused his power and created a bogus allegation against him.

"I think Sheriff Hill retaliated against me because I responded in kind to an email that he sent," Williams said. "He stated in his email to the entire Sheriff's Office that I was terminated for toxic behavior. I responded and I basically said that 'You're the most toxic person in this sheriff's office' and I think that may have upset him a little bit."

Williams said not only did he spend a night in jail and had to hire a lawyer to fight the charge, he's now without a job.