Centennial Olympic Park hosts socially distant 'Big Night Out' concert series

For the first time in months, people are enjoying live music in Atlanta, despite the pandemic.

The Big Night Out is a concert series happening Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Organizers said 2,500 people are expected each night.

Centennial Olympic Park was transformed into a socially-distant music venue with hand sanitizing stations and free rapid coronavirus testing.

“I am a huge concert junkie and haven’t been to a concern since February so I was like yes 100% coming down,” Bella Zempel said.

Zempel and her friend Kylie Tobey are UGA students who drove from Athens to sit on a blanket, wear their masks, and listen to live music. They said they feel safe.

“I think this has been done pretty well,” Tobey said.

Several rows down stood the Samuels, who came out to support their nephew, the lead singer of the band “Pigeons Playing Ping Pong.”

“Every time he comes to Atlanta, we always try to come and support him in the band...even during a pandemic,” Steve Samuels said.

Each party is separated by a gated pod that are all positioned about 6-feet apart.

Concert organizers hold signs encouraging masks at all times.

“I just think this is so awesome. I didn’t know the next time I was ever going to be able to go to a concert again, so I’m so happy to be here,” Zempel said.

What was once a common Friday night experience now feels like a special treat.

A much larger turn out is expected Sunday, when Big Boi performs.

Concert organizers said they’re ready to remind attendees to stay safe.