Celebratory gunfire pierce through Fulton County home

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A South Fulton County family says celebratory bullets pierced through their home on New Year’s Day, narrowly missing a woman inside. 

It was after midnight when Pamela Shirley says she was standing on the balcony of her brother's home on Feldspar Way. She says she heard gunfire and jumped for cover.

“I said that's real gun shots. This is not right because I could be dead,” says Shirley.

Her brother, Erroll Blissett, pointed out where a bullet came into the house.

“It went through the wall, through the china cabinet and into the ceiling,” says Blissett.

Blissett says he found a total of 3 bullet holes on the outside of his home. He says he called police and investigators found three shell casings just outside his home and five more down the street.

The family says they've heard about the dangers of celebratory gunfire, but never thought a bullet would strike their home.

“It's horrible, a horrible thing to really witness, that it really came close, and into your house. You just don't feel safe,” says Shirley.

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