Caught on camera: Vandals climb aboard dredger

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The Hall County Sheriff's Office is searching for men who keep breaking onto a piece of dredging equipment, stealing items and spray painting equipment.

The company installed cameras hoping someone could identify these guys which investigators hope will lead to a break in the case.

On several occasions, during the late night hours, surveillance video caught two men coming aboard a piece of dredging equipment, located in the upper end of the Chattahoochee River and swiping items.

"The initial thought, it was just thefts, pretty determined thefts, got to get on a boat to get out to the equipment that's anchored off shore of course. The items that are stolen are very small, things like rolls of duct tape," said Deputy Stephen Wilbanks, Hall County Sheriff's Office.

In fact, in one of the video clips, the thieves can be seen with that roll of duct tape. But Deputy Willbanks said it is no longer thefts about which they are the most worried. Most recently, someone spray painted the equipment and smeared feces in the operator’s area

"The theft is one thing, that property loss, but property damage just for the sake of damaging property, especially in this manner, it's childish, but more importantly it's criminal," said Deputy Wilbanks.

The sheriff's office has released photos of one of the men and they are asking for the public's help.

"If they saw someone suspicious, either at Lula Bridge Park and Bolton Bridge Road, then maybe give us a heads up on that so our investigators can follow up on it. We would appreciate the help," said Deputy Wilbanks.