Caught on camera: Thousands of dollars in merchandise stolen from Victoria's Secret

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Peachtree City Police said of all their high-end retailers, one store has had more thefts than any other: Victoria’s Secret. Just this year, shoplifters had made off with more than $20,000 in underwear and clothing.

Surveillance video of what police said was a recent shoplifting spree at the Peachtree City Victoria’s Secret store showed women gathered at the trunk of a car in the parking lot of The Avenue shopping center and taking out empty shopping bags. Police said those big bags were not empty when the women came out of the store. On July 17 alone, police said the store lost $6,000 in merchandise.

“Just in the last six months, we are seeing $20,000 in reported losses from Victoria's Secret,” Lt. Odelia Bergh-Peachtree City Police.

Several surveillance videos provided to FOX 5 News appeared to show groups of women running from the store with stolen merchandise. In one of the videos, the women quickly jumped into a sedan, started to drive off without closing a door and dropped underwear in the parking lot.

Another video showed what appeared to be a young woman in such a hurry she repeatedly dropped and stopped to pick up underwear that had slipped through her fingers repeatedly during her getaway.

“They go in a grab armloads of merchandise and run out,” Bergh said.

Peachtree City Police said the thefts from Victoria’s Secret were much more prevalent than from other retailers in the city.

Police were encouraging anyone who saw suspicious activity in The Avenue shopping center to give them a call.