Caught on camera: Man rams stolen car into liquor store to steal popular cognac, police say

LaGrange police are trying to track down a real-life Grinch, who went on a crime spree Christmas morning.

The driver is seen on surveillance video taking extreme lengths to obtain three cases of a popular cognac -- plowing a reportedly stolen vehicle into the business' entryway.

“Oh my God, really?” owner Denny Patel scoffed. “For the Hennessy?!”

At $40 a pop, the three cases are worth about $2,000, according to Patel.

But the crook's rampage actually began at a different location. He was caught by security cameras at Wheels for Dollars, throwing a rock into the business' window.

Employees said he got away with laptops, cash, speakers, and a car.

That car was later spotted on surveillance video just around the corner, at Patel’s business, the Northside Package Store on New Franklin Road.

Again, he tried tossing a rock to break into multiple entrances. When that failed, he resorted to the might of the stolen X-terra.

The break-in comes during what is traditionally the height of business for Patel’s liquor store. But with their main entrance under construction, Patel said no more than a handful of customers made purchases Friday.

Between the stolen Hennessy, damaged wall, a second shattered door, and the impact on business, Patel estimates nearly $25,000 in losses.

Patel added that the city of LaGrange has always felt safe to him, but that sense of security, like the entryway, is now shattered.

“That's the reason I bought this store is because it was nice, but there is nowhere safe in the United States, nowhere,” Patel said.

If you have any information on the suspect, you are asked to contact Troup County Crimestoppers: 706-812-1000.