Caught on camera: Halloween pranks turns violent

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It started as an egg-throwing prank on Halloween night but quickly escalated to much more.

Atlanta Police told FOX 5 News violence erupted when the egg throwers retaliated against some people who stopped to investigate why they and their cars had been hit by eggs.

APD said they are reviewing video of several teenagers physically attacking Jeremy Rueger and Joshua Smith Halloween night.

The two said the violence erupted when they were driving home on Woodland Avenue past an apartment complex and got pelted with eggs through an open window.

“I got hit here on the back of my head, I mean I was not expecting anything to be coming through the window,” said Smith.

They said they and another motorist pulled over, unaware of what happened or why.

Adding that the egg throwers became violent when they realized they were being recorded.

They told FOX 5 News they did not record the other beatdown of the other motorist.

“They did jump on the other person who involved. He was actually on the ground on his back and all five of them just surrounded him and just started punching him really hard,” said Rueger.

The two told me there were lots of adults outside at the time who witnessed the vicious attacks.

“Where are the parents? Why are they not like disciplining them,” Smith was heard saying on the video.

The two said when they yelled out police were on their way the troublesome teens didn’t back down.

Rueger and Smith said the teens scattered at the first glimpse of APD.  As to why they stuck around for police in the face of violence, the two say they live in the area too.

“We have to say no and take our community back,” said Smith.