Caught on camera: 3 arrested after chase through woods

An intense capture of three suspected car thieves after a wild chase through the woods in Duluth.

Duluth police said a license place reader got a hit on a stolen car entering their jurisdiction December 9. An officer got behind it and the driver took off. Dash cam video shows the driver picking up speed as he enters a neighborhood, but he heads down a dead end road and has no where to go. The video shows three people jumping out of the car and making a run for it behind some homes on Chatterwood Drive.

Meigin Matyac was just coming home when she saw all the activity.

"There were about eight cop cars and an ambulance here. They said they weren't allowed to talk about it at the time but said everyone was okay and I was like... 'Alright,'" said Matyac.

Police set up a perimeter and called in the K-9s. The dogs picked up their scent and tracked them through the woods, finding all three of the young men together.

The men were searched, evidence was collected and they were taken to jail. Taken into custody were 19-year-old Demetrious Dixon, 18-year-old Nimeneh Torh and 18-year-old Jamarius Jones are all charged with theft by receiving a stolen vehicle and obstruction of police by unlawful flight. Police said Jones was the driver, he faces additional charges.

Police said the car the three were in, a red Prius, was confirmed to be stolen by Gwinnett County Police.