Trick-or-Treater shocks Cypress homeowners who left candy bowl on their front porch

A Cypress couple was shocked by the sweet gesture of a young trick-or-treater, the act of kindness was caught on their doorbell camera.

"He was just a different one in the crowd you know," said Billy Martinez. 

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Martinez and his wife live in Cypress, the night of Halloween they were at an Astros watch party, but they did leave candy out for the kiddos. 

Their Ring doorbell footage shows children coming by many of them doing the right thing and just taking one or two pieces from the candy bowl; that is until one trio came along.

"The first one comes and takes the candy from the bowl, he took all the candy, the rest of the candy that was there," Martinez explained. 

Then a second boy came up right behind him. 

"The second kid comes and just grabs the bowl and throws it down," said Martinez. 

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He says it was disappointing to see, but that's when a third child dressed up as a taco came along. He appears to be with those other two kids, and what he did next brought a smile to the Martinez's faces. 

"He actually out of the kindness of his heart picks up the bowl puts it back, takes candy out of his bag, and puts the candy down," Martinez said. 

The child could be seen putting some of his own Halloween candy into their bowl and leaving it behind for other trick-or-treaters. 

"We're actually happy with the parents for raising him that way and teaching him to do the right thing, definitely an example of integrity," he said. 

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Now he says he hopes that child's parents come forward, because they would like to thank him for his sweet gesture.