Casting Call: October 12, 2016

You'll see the info we listed in this week's Good Day Casting Call a little further down this page.

Please follow this outline to submit yourself (or, your vehicle) for jobs as an "extra."

Send the following information ONLY to the Casting Directors via the email address provided.

  1. Three Current Pictures (Waist Up - Full Body - Side View)
  2. Stats (Height, Weight, etc.)
  3. Contact info
  4. Number of days you're available to work.

If you're chosen, someone will call you.

The one thing I can tell you is this – when it comes to doing extra work - you're either just what the casting directors are looking for, or not.

Which means, everybody has a chance at being an extra, no matter what you look like. The key is to continue to submit yourself for the various jobs. That's all.

Remember, be patient. It may take a day, or weeks before somebody calls you.

Just keep resubmitting yourself.
If you're right for a part - believe me - they'll call you.

If you have a question for Greg Clarkson, email him at
Find streets closed for filming at: Atlanta Film Office "Twitter Page" @AtlFilmEnt

Catrett & Associates Casting   

“Feature Film Project”

  URGENT….Submit Photos TODAY…Shoots Tomorrow/Thursday (10/13)

* Male/Female “College Types”  (All Ethnicities)  18 – 25yrs

* Shoots: In Covington

* Put “COLLEGE in COVINGTON in subject line

Hylton Casting

“Upcoming Film Project” (1990’s period piece set in a small southern town)   

* Casting the role “Gus” – Caucasian Male w/acting experience   25 – 35yrs

* This specialty Extra Role could be upgraded to a Principal Role
* Height: 6’0–6’5, Large build w/Intimidating look     

* Shoots: Multiple dates in October – November  (McDonough & Jackson GA.)

* To submit, please visit:

Central Casting Georgia

“MacGyver” (TV)

  URGENT….Submit Photos TODAY… Shoots This Friday (10/14)

* Men/Women w/Upscale Artsy look & Great Wardrobe  (All Ethnicities)  21yrs & Older

* MUST Be Available All Day!!

* Put “Art Patron” in subject line.

Marinella – Hume Casting

“Originals” (TV)     

* In Shape Authentic Male & Female “Native Americans”    18yrs & Older

* Also people who look Native American.  

* Men must be comfortable being shirtless, NO Tattoos, Little Body Hair  

* Women – Please submit your pictures w/NO makeup

* Put “Native American” in Subject line

Get Scene Studios (Local Acting Studio)  

* Register for the October Special Offer – One FREE Improv class

* Send Email: w/Name, Age, Contact Info to:

* Put “Casting Call” in subject line.

Tammy Smith Casting

“Ozark” (Netflix)

 Visit Website and Click: Casting Notice

* Guys/Girls to portray Fraternity & Sorority Types for an AWESOME Party scene.

* All Ethnicities   18yrs & Older

* Put “Frat Boy, or Sorority Girl” in subject line.

Extras Casting Atlanta   

“Hap and Leonard” (TV)

* Seeking: 1989 or Older  (Drivable) Trucks, Vans, and SUV’s      

* Put “Older Truck, Van, or SUV” in subject line

Extras Casting Atlanta   

“Untitled Project” (TV)

* Super Thin/Skinny Men & Women  (All Ethnicities)   18yrs & Older

* Put “Skinny Man, or Woman” in subject line

Casting TaylorMade

“Multiple Upcoming Projects” (Film/TV)

* Seeking Men & Women who can look like 1980’s (All Ethnicities)  18yrs & Older  

* Specifically seeking Women willing to have their hair/bangs cut    

* Put “1980’s Look” in subject line.

Hylton Casting

“Being Mary Jane” (TV / Season 4)

* Newsroom Crew types – Camera, Grips, Stage Mgr., PA, Hair & Makeup, etc. 
* News Anchor types, Core Newsroom extras, Extras w/a High–End Wardrobe

* Also, need EXTRAS of ALL types, looks, & Ethnicities.   18yrs & Older

* To submit, please visit:

Marinella – Hume Casting

“Originals” (TV)     

* REALLY Pregnant Native American (or looks Native American) Women  18yrs & Older

* One Month Old Infant – Native American (or looks Native American)

* Put “Pregnant Women, or Infant” in Subject line

Central Casting Georgia   (Casting SIX Projects)

Finding Steve McQueen, 24: Legacy,  Avengers, MacGyver, Star,  Sleepy Hollow   

 * To enter their database – Stop by their offices weekdays  11:00am – 5:00pm

    235 Peachtree St. NE – Suite 217 – Atlanta, GA. 30303

* Headshots will be taken at their Office. 

* Visit website for more info & list of documents to bring:

Central Casting Georgia

“Star” (TV Movie)

(Starring: Benjamin Bratt, Queen Latifah)

* URGENT….Shoots This Friday (10/14)

* Hispanic Females (Who look younger to portray Traffic Girls)   18 – 26yrs

* Submit Photos TODAY – Bare Face…NO MAKEUP

* Put “Traffic Girl & your phone number” in subject line.

Central Casting Georgia

“Star” (TV Movie)

(Starring: Benjamin Bratt, Queen Latifah)

 URGENT…Shoots Tomorrow/Thursday (10/13)

* Male/Female Hot Looking Club Goers w/Sexy Wardrobe (All Ethnicities)  18yrs & Older

* Put “Sexy Club Goer” in subject line.

Central Casting Georgia

“Finding Steve McQueen” (Film)

* Seeking ANY and ALL kinds of Vintage (Drivable) Cars.

* Put “Vintage Car” in subject line.