Cashier, hiding customer robbed at gunpoint at Norcross luggage store

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Gwinnett County Police are searching for two armed suspects who robbed a cashier and hiding customer at gunpoint in Norcross.

Police said the robbery took place on September 14 at Lily's Luggage in the Cherokee Hills Shopping Center on Indian Trail Road.

According to investigators, two men armed with handguns walked into the store shortly before 5 p.m. and robbed the cashier at gunpoint. Security video shows the first young robber casually stroll into the store, then quickly pull out his gun and point it at a woman behind the cash register.

Police said the second man locked the door before standing by his accomplish, who was in the process of clearing out the cash register.

"These are very bold and dangerous suspects," Corporal Deon Washington said.

Then, police said the suspects moved the cashier to the restroom where they found a customer hiding. The hiding customer was also robbed.

"We are glad she was hiding in the bathroom and never came out. If she had startled the robbers, it's possible they would have fired the weapon," said Washington.

Police said the suspects left the store through the back door, and remain at large.

Detectives want the public to take a close look at the backpack and the profile shots captured on cameras in the shopping center as the young men appear to be casing the store they intended to rob.

Investigators are hoping surveillance images will help police identify and find the two men. Anyone with information is asked to call Gwinnett County Police at 770-513-5300.