Carrollton Police officer involved in controversial arrest resigns

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The officer seen on a video taken of a controversial arrest at a fast food restaurant in Carrollton has resigned.

FOX 5 News reported Wednesday the Carrollton Police Department had launched an internal investigation after the video surfaces.

The video shows Amor Ellison being arrested by police minutes after arriving at the Zaxby’s parking lot responding to a 911 complaint.

Ellison told FOX 5 News he was there to pick up his final check after being let go. When he learned the manager would need to arrive at the store to hand it to him, Ellison said he went outside to the parking lot to wait. That’s when police said one of his former co-workers called police saying they felt uncomfortable with him there.

The video shows three officers attempted to interview the man. After first hesitating, he provided his license and answered questions. But Ellison says his patience ran out and one officer ordered him to keep responding or be taken to jail.

The video shows an officer strike Ellison and place him under arrest. He was charged with obstruction and spent a few hours in jail.

A family attorney Harry Daniels says that instruction was improper and illegal.

No word on if any action will be taken against the other two officers.

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