Carrollton human trafficking arrest

A Carrollton woman was arrested after police said she brought four teen girls into sexual servitude.

It started when Carrollton Police responded to a Dollar General store Saturday morning on a call of two teen girls shoplifting.

In the process, officers learned the girls were two of the four teen girls who had run away from Kidspeace, a foster care facility in Bowden about a dozen miles away the day before.

Carrollton Police told FOX 5 News the girls walked to a nearby gas station where they met someone who took them to a party where they met the woman that would place them into sexual servitude.

“There were sexual acts being done and there is an individual who is involved in soliciting them out to different individuals,” said Captain J.J. Cole, with the Carrollton Police Department.

Captain Cole said that individual is 25-year-old Shanice Goodwin who is behind bars on charges of pimping and human trafficking.

He said directly from the party Goodwin brought the four girls, two age 14 and a 15-year-old and 16-year-old to a room at a motel behind the Dollar General store then starting preparing them to serve Johns, customers.

“Began buying them some new clothes new undergarments taking photos of them and using the provocative photos and using those to solicit business,” said Captain Cole.

Angel Daniel, who lives at another motel near the Dollar General store said she knows Goodwin and had heard of her arrest on social media.

“That’s sad but she did her crime she’s gonna do her time, well deserved,” said Daniel.

Police said it appears at least one John paid for sex with one of the teen girls.

Investigators are thankful the two girls were busted for shoplifting a day after they ran away before the group could be victimized further.

“Victimization to an extent you don’t really want to think about,” said Captain Cole.

Captain Cole said more arrests are expected. He also said one of the supposed Johns has been identified as Clifford Pruitt. Police are asking him to turn himself in or face arrest.