Carjack, shooting victim begs for Yorkies' return

A man who was shot and then carjacked is begging the public to return his Yorkie named Lexi, who was inside the SUV when it was stolen.

Edwin Shelton and his wife Cynthia attended at reception in downtown Atlanta Saturday. While Cynthia was speaking with a friend, Edwin went to get his Suburban parked in a lot on Peachtree Street.

“I looked at my surroundings and everything and nobody was there, but as soon as I put my key in the door they came out of nowhere and shot me,” said Edwin Shelton. “They said give it up and shot me.”

Edwin was shot in the back of the neck; he received 24 stitches and said he is grateful he is not paralyzed or dead. Now that he is doing well, the couple’s priority is finding Lexi.

“She is our daughter, we love her, we need her, she is a part of our family,” said Cynthia Shelton.

Cynthia said a company has offered to put billboards up with Lexi’s picture and the $10,000 reward the couple is offering.

Atlanta Police posted Lexi’s picture on their Facebook page in hopes someone knows where she is.

“I am just begging that anyone who sees her or thinks they know something, we are not asking any questions,” said Cynthia.  “We want our baby back.”

Investigators said they have few leads regarding the three young men and are working the case diligently. There is a $10,000 reward through Crime Stoppers for information that leads to an arrest.