Car thieves demand ransom

A woman said her car was stolen and the crooks are demanding she hand over thousands of dollars to get it back.

Brittany Sanders said she had just pulled into her friend's driveway in Rockdale County on Monday night with her three young children. The kids were all asleep and she was carrying them into the house. Sanders saids she walked back outside and her BMW was gone. She said that was just the beginning of her nightmare.

Sanders said her phone and wallet with all her information were inside the car. She got a new phone the next day, and the crooks got her number.

Sanders said, "They called me taunting me. ‘You want your car back? Then run me $5,000.’"

She said sometimes the caller also asks for sexual favors.

Despite the threatening and harassing phone calls, Sanders said she realized it could have been much worse. She said her car could have been stolen with her children sleeping inside.

"My baby was literally two seconds from getting taken away from me. I am happy that I can be here and smile knowing they're safe," said Sanders.

Rockdale County Sheriff's investigators have a report of the stolen car and are looking into the threatening phone calls.