Car flipped in possible street racing accident in Atlanta neighborhood

Residents in one Midtown Atlanta neighborhood say street racing is to blame for a car flipping on Alden Avenue Sunday morning.

Police said the driver of the car and others took off. Other cars parked on the street were also damaged.

“I came outside and the cars were totally moved. They were damaged and not drivable,” One woman said.

It wasn’t the birthday surprise this woman was hoping for.

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Ring camera footage captured the moments after the accident on Alden Avenue in Northwest near Atlantic Station.

“It was about three cars and they were racing down the street. One of the cars split and the police were called,” the woman said.

The video captured the driver of the car getting into another car, maneuvering around the flipped car, and leaving the scene.

Atlanta police confirm they are investigating this as a hit and run but couldn’t confirm if street racing was to blame.

“It’s tires and it’s screeching. It’s happening at 2 in the morning and it happens all night long,” Will Traver said.

There’s no doubt in Traver’s mind what’s behind the accident.  

“We hear the drag racing and we see the cars. We dial 911,” Traver said.

Traver says his calls go unnoticed.

“It continues to go on. I think the neighbors have pleaded with the mayor to take care of the problem and it’s yet to be resolved,” Traver said.

“It’s really mindblowing that they get away with it. I wish there was more to end it,” the woman said.

Police said no one was hurt in the accident. Those who live in the are thankful it wasn’t worse.

“I wasn’t in it and nobody was seriously hurt. The car is replaceable but I’m not,” she said.

“it doesn’t ‘matter if it’s street racing, road rage reckless driving. It just doesn’t have a place,” Traver said.

If you know anything about the accident, call the Atlanta Police Department.

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