Car chase and crash in Dekalb County

A wild police pursuit through two jurisdictions ends in a crash. This morning, investigators are hunting for suspected car thieves who bailed from the vehicle. 

They had a stack of $100 bills and a weapon, in a vehicle that wasn't theirs. Three people inside a white sedan led Georgia State Patrol on the chase early Tuesday morning.

The pursuit ended on North Druid Hills Road in DeKalb County. A traffic sign lay crumpled on the ground outside the Burger King restaurant parking lot where the car crashed.

Investigators say the car was reported stolen, an alert that prompted the chase miles away on Sidney Marcus Boulevard in Atlanta.

The driver of the car refused to pull over so Troopers executed a pit maneuver, causing the vehicle to spin out. Still, those inside showed no signs of surrender. One of the passengers was taken into custody. Police continue to look for a female passenger and a male driver.