Calls for answers in Atlanta Child Murders

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Community leaders and activists gathered Wednesday night in a renewed push for justice in the Atlanta Child Murders cases. 

"Did Wayne Williams do this? 40 years later, if we're still asking those questions, it simply means it's an important conversation to have," said Derrick Boazman of WAOK's "Too Much Truth" radio talk show, who organized the event after hearing from concerned community members and even families of the victims. 

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On March 21, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced in a press conference Atlanta Police would take a "fresh look" at the case; since late March, a new hotline for the murders has netted 16 calls with information that detectives are investigating. 

"There is a scar. And that is, who is actually responsible for the death of all these children?" said Michael Langford of the United Youth Adult Conference, who 40 years ago led search missions for the missing children. 

Wayne Williams, who pled not guilty, was convicted of two of the adult murders; a judge allowed evidence from ten other murders to be heard in the courtroom.

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In 2007, the Fulton County District Attorney presented DNA evidence that linked Williams to five of the murders. 

In DeKalb County, investigators said the only suspect was eliminated, and still do not have a suspect for five of the murder cases.

Thursday, April 18 at 7 p.m., WAOK will hold another forum at West Hunter Street Baptist Church in the West End of Atlanta. Victims' families will speak to the public, as well as individuals from the rescue missions for the children. The searches were held there 40 years ago.

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