Calhoun police officer crash caught on camera

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A terrifying moment for a Calhoun Police officer was caught on dash cam video as his patrol car slammed into guard rails

The officer was chasing a stolen car on Interstate 75 Tuesday night when the crash happened. After the crash, that driver sped away.

The good news is the officer is OK after the dangerous crash that sent his patrol car into two guard rails on Interstate 75 at Exit ramp 320. The driver he was chasing got away. And not for the first time that night. This was last Tuesday.

The dash cam video starts with the officer turning around to pull over a car. The car can’t be seen yet in the video because it appears to be traveling fast after seeing the patrol car. Officer Anthony Owens identified the car as an Infiniti G35 4-door sedan. He said in his report “a passenger side headlight was out and had no tag lights. Earlier that night, Whitfield County deputies would say they had also pursued a car matching the same description but lost sight of the car.

During the pursuit, Officer Owens stated the Infiniti had turned off his lights. And with lights out, the vehicle reached speeds of 120 mph on I-75 north.

Officer Owens said the car was traveling in the passing lane when it suddenly drove across all lanes to take the exit at mile marker 320. Officer Owens attempted to do the same. But he said the back in of his patrol car slid. He was unable to bring the car under control and it slammed into guard rails on both sides of Interstate 75 north.

That Infiniti G35 4-door sedan should have damage to the driver side front door and quarter panel.

According to Calhoun Police, Officer Anthony Owens was treated for minor injuries and released from the hospital.