Butts County sheriff defends opposition to speed cameras in school zones

A Georgia sheriff is speaking out about the installation of new speed detection cameras in school zones in one of the cities in his jurisdiction.

In a Facebook post, Butts County Sheriff Gary Long says he will "never support speed detection cameras" as long as he was the sheriff. 

The sheriff says one main reason is he believes that the cameras are only there to generate revenue and not make things safer.

"Since taking the office of Sheriff, I have been approached by several companies that provide speed detection cameras and their sales pitch is always that they can generate over $1 million a year in citation revenue," Long wrote. "They never express that it would reduce accidents or provide safety to the community."

He said that he believes citizens pay enough taxes and "I do not believe in taxation through citations."

Long also claims that it is unconstitutional for a third-party company to send out citations because they're not sworn in by his office.

"As long as I am your Sheriff, the only citation you will receive from my office will be issued roadside, by a deputy that took an oath and is sworn to defend the Constitution and to protect and serve the people of this County, State and Country," Long wrote.

The sheriff's comments come after reports that Jackson, Georgia is installing speed detection cameras in school zones. He says that he has received "numerous calls and complaints."