Bus cameras catch drivers putting kids in danger

Newly released video shows drivers in Atlanta whizzing and swerving around school buses at bus stops, despite very clear visual signals telling drivers to stop.

The video from some of 20 new cameras on Atlanta Public Schools buses was shared by American Traffic Solutions, the company that operates the cameras. The video shows the dangers at bus stops recorded on the first and second days of school.   

The new enforcement program was launched this week for the first week of school; drivers will receive a warning for the first 30 days of the program, but Atlanta Police will issue tickets afterwards.

"We're going to get your attention if you want to pass a school bus that's loading our precious cargo," said Deputy Chief Darryl Tolleson.

A first violation of driving past a bus stop arm sign is $300. The second violation cost $750, with the third in five years growing to $1,000.

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