Burglar steals thousands from Tucker homeowner

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A DeKalb County homeowner is fed up after a suspect targeted his home more than once.

Dewey McGrail told FOX 5 that the man was able to make off with thousands of dollars on his second visit.

"Lock the door and don't leave cash in your house: two things I never do, ever," McGrail said. "And it just happened to be that night.  It's uncanny."

The suspect first appeared at McGrail's doorstep last summer. And then, McGrail was patting himself on the back because his home security system apparently scared the man away.

"At that time he noticed the camera and ran off," he said.

And things had been just fine, until the burglar came back this week. He may have forgot about McGrail's home security. McGrail's security system sent him an alert to his smartphone.

"Sure enough, I looked and there was somebody enters my house," he said. "I realized I inadvertently left the door unlocked."

McGrail says the unlocked door cost him. The man made of with several thousand dollars hidden in a sock drawer.  

He's hoping by coming forward he can spare someone else, the heartache and hassle. Unless, it's heartache and hassle for this burglar.

"I just want to get him off the street one way or another," he said.