Burglar Shoots at a DeKalb Homeowner

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A DeKalb Homeowner literally dodged a bullet this morning after three men broke into his house. 

Police say the man awoke to crashing noises in his home. When he went to check it out, he found three crooks inside his Lithonia home and chased them out.  Police tell us, one of the burglars pulled out a gun and fired it at him.

The homeowner's brother, Brandon Pierre Louis claimed, he's glad the shot missed, "Anything could have happened. Anything could have happened, I'm just glad he is alive." 

One of the victim's neighbors, David Whitaker, said he had security video of one of the crooks.  He claimed they  are refusing to give in to burglars. They will equip themselves with more cameras and remain vigilant.  

Police say if you have any information about this home invasion, please give them a call.