Burglar caught on camera breaking into home as women slept inside

Cobb County Police are searching for the man who broke inside a Mabelton home while a woman was inside.

The scary moments were captured on home surveillance on January 14. In the video a burglar suspect is seen breaking in the front door. 

"Everything happened so quickly," the woman said. "The footage is only 53 seconds but it seems like a lifetime."t

The break-in happened just after 10 a.m., while the woman was still in bed.

"He was in here, and he walked upstairs and he went into my office area because I work from home. He was there for a few seconds or so before he came to my room. I didn’t hear him initially, but I heard the alarm and that’s what woke me up. By that time he was at my door," the woman said.

The woman was face to face with the intruder.

"When he pushed open the door I saw the light and then I saw a figure there and I screamed," the woman said.

The bone-chilling screams were captured in the surveillance video before the man was seen on video running out of the home.

The woman was right behind him with a gun.

"I startled him. He startled me, but he was more scared it seems like because he really thought nobody was home," the woman said.

Video from a neighbor's security camera shows the man knocking on their door before he noticed he was being filmed. The man then moved next door to another house.

"He was able to bust into my house with one kick. It was surreal but I realized I didn't have the proper locks on my door," the woman said.

Cobb County Police is seeking the public's assistance as they continue to search for the man in the video.

"I would like to tell him he’s lucky because that was a death wish for him," the woman said.

This woman, who has hidden weapons in the house, says this kick could have been his last.

The woman says the suspect took several items from the home including Apple AirPods, cellphones, and a game.