Burgers with Buck: Hammocks Trading Company

Despite their location on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs, Hammocks Trading Company has a coastal feel. The atmosphere is casual, relaxed, and for lack of a better word, beachy. They’ve been around since 2012 and have become known and recognized for their fresh seafood.

So what kind of person goes to an established and critically acclaimed seafood restaurant and orders a burger?  Me!!!

Before jumping to conclusions and judgment, know that #BurgersWithBuck loves fresh seafood as much, if not more, than anyone. And we are well aware of the stigma that goes along with ordering a burger at a seafood restaurant, but so are the owners of Hammocks, Jason Sheetz and Chef William Sigley. They know that not everyone loves seafood, but they also know that if you’re going to offer a land lovers option on a seafood menu… it better be good. Mission accomplished!

The Hammocks Burger is pretty simple. As Chef Sigley points out, it reminds of him of a simpler time when he was a much younger man. #BWB agrees and thinks that after one bite… you will too. The great news, there are a lot more bites to follow.

As we said, the ingredients are simple, two beef patties, American cheese, lettuce, caramelized onions, B&B pickles, and their secret sauce. But when you put them all together, something special happens.

For folks like me, this is a win-win. If in the mood for seafood, it’s hard to go wrong at Hammocks. If not, you won’t regret giving the Hammocks Burger a try.

For more information about Hammocks Trading Company including the menu, hours of operation, and location, go to their website, https://hammockstradingcompany.com/ . And, as always, if you have a favorite burger that you would like to see featured on, tell me about it on https://www.facebook.com/BuckFOX5 or https://twitter.com/BuckFOX5, and don’t forget to use the hash tag #BurgersWithBuck and/or #BWB.